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Jackie and Michelle


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Chicken Wire Picture Display

 I was at Tuesday Morning and found a 12x12" chicken wire square.  I brought it home, thinking that I would do something with it...and I did.
 I had a frame, and decided on these papers from Graphic 45, and in about 30 minutes created this project.
I love how it turned out!  It will look great with a few awesome pictures to adorn it.

I love shopping and finding treasures!

Here is a complete list of the items that I used:

Frame:  K & Co.
Papers:  Graphic 45 "Communique"
Flowers:  Prima
Bling: Eyelet Outlet
Clothes Pins:  Recollections

Here's the best part.  I had all of the supplies except for the chicken wire in my stash.  You just HAVE to have a stash and when the inspiration strikes, you can make beautiful things.  That's what I tell my hubby!!


Saturday, April 15, 2017

My Altered Disk Bound Notebook

I am a planner and notebook junkie, we all know that.  I was at my local Craft Warehouse, and they had a bunch of Carpe Diem planner stuff on sale.  I loved the line that The Reset Girl did and I had some of it already.  I bought more.  Then, while I was at an all day crop with Embellish It! I found a paper pack for the same line.  I bought that too.  This is what I did with some of it.  

I took some of the 12x12 papers, and created covers using my laminator.  I backed the paper with some card stock to thicken it up a bit.  
 Then I simply cut slices up to the holes in the papers, dividers, and die cuts.  I used some Happy Planner disks that I had in my stash.
 Now I have a hybrid Reset Girl-Carpe Diem/Happy Planner notebook, and it is COOL!
 The pages turn excellent on these disks.  It worked out better than I had thought.
 You may have wondered why I just didn't get the planner that Carpe Diem had.  Well, I wanted to try this!!!
 I love the colors and the images.  I love the vintage style.
I have loved the disk bound ever since I discovered it, and now I love it even more!

Have you tried this system?


Saturday, April 8, 2017

My Large Happy Notebook

My local Michaels was having a huge discount on all dated Happy Planners, getting ready for the new ones to show up.  I decided to make a project.  I loved the colors in this style, and it matched perfectly with the collection of My Minds Eye papers that I had in my stash.  
 I didn't need another planner, but I can always use a notebook, so I took out all of the dated pages.  Then I cut the 12x12 papers to fit, and adhered them to tiebacks of the dividers.  This covered them up, and the COLORS ARE PERFECT!!!

I had some labels from Art C that I used to cover the month names on the tabs.  Now I can label them as I need to.
 Add in some paper...
 ...and a pocket or two, and you have a super cool, colorful and wonderful notebook.
I used some of the scraps and my We Are Memory Keepers tab punch and made a page turner.

The notebook turned out FABULOUS!  Now to figure out what to do with the blank weekly pages!

Stay organized!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Recycling Happy Planner Mini Pages

 Just a short post today, but I wanted to show you what I did to reuse the weekly pages of my mini planner that I wasn't using.  I decided to use washi tape to cover the dates and that was that.
Super easy, super colorful, and I can use them in my mini or larger size Happy Planners.  I can organize lists in "sections" and I can coordinate to any sticker theme I use in my planner.

Fast, easy, and another chance to use my goodies for planning fun.

Stay organized!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Happy Planner Haul and a Sticky Note Book!

 I wasn't sure if the new items that were coming out were going to come to my areas stores, so I decided to order directly from the Happy Planner store.  I got my package and I do love it!
 Look at all of the loveliness that I got!
 They have new sticky notes...
 ...new stickers...
 ...new page dashboard/dividers and long sticky notes and mini pages...
 ...and a new sticker storage book.  People have been making them, so Happy Planner has decided to make one of their own.  I loved it, but I didn't use it for stickers!
 Isn't it cute?  It is perfect for storage for stickers (obviously) but also for sticky notes.  I have collected quite a bit of them, now I can find them easily.
 I had mini notes that were on plastic pieces that were punched.  They came with kits I bought.
 I adhered the long sticky notes on a paper, and added it to the book...
 ...same as these sticky page markers/flags.
 These come on pre-punched pages, so I just put them in the book.
I love how this is going to work out...no more trying to find all of my notes, they are all in one place!

How do you organize your sticky notes?

Have a crafty good day!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Birthday Card for my Daughter

Here is the third project using the 4 Panel Twist Card style I found on YouTube by Sincerely Rita.
I love this!!!  They are so much fun to make!
 This size card is actually an 8x8" card.  Sincerely Rita gave instructions for three sizes, but my brain went on and decided that I needed to figure out a different size, so I did.  I figured out the dimensions for this 8x8" card, and for a 10x10" card.  I haven't fully tested the 10x10" size yet, but when I do, I will give you all those dimensions as I figured them.  I used this cool paper line by Glitz, called "Birthday Wishes."  I fell in love with it!
 One thing I did this time was that I covered the entire inside of the card base before attaching the mechanism and the panel to the inside of the card.  I think it made the card sturdier, and it worked out nicely!
 So, I oopsied again, this picture is sideways, but you get the idea.  I cut out pieces to make the panel be part of the "message of the card".  The bottom "post card" is where we wrote our personal message.
Here is the card standing up.  It worked out great, and she loved it, and I loved making it!  I need to see what else I can so with this card style!

Have a creative day!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

My "Gigantic Twist Pop Up Panel" Album

 Here is project #2 using Sincerely Rita's tutorial on a Gigantic Twist Pop Up Panel Card.  Please go check out her tutorials, they are really wonderful!  I had this page kit that I got when Jackie and I went to an all day scrap put on by Embellish It!  I thought this would be the perfect collection to use for my album, and it was.
 Since the gigantic part means it is 12x12, I decided to make this into an album, rather than a card.  This is my cover.  I only used the supplies from the paper collection and some yellow card stock from my stash.  In the video she used large paper, but I didn't have paper that was 12x24", so I made hinges from card stock and attached the papers to create the size I needed.
 When you open the card, it is GIGANTIC and has LOTS OF ROOM for lots of pictures of someone's special day.
 I love how it all turned out!
 On each of the panels I attached the cards only on the edges, so that pictures or tags could be set behind them.

 I created a pocket for a mini tag here.
 This is cool!  The panels are 6x9" each.  I had 6x9" envelopes that I adhered to the back of the two middle panels so that I could add huge tags.  (MORE PICTURE ROOM!!!)
 Here are the front of the tags...
 ...and the back of the tags.
And here I was trying to show the way that the envelopes are attached to the two middle panels of the pop up.

It turned out SO DARN CUTE!  and really big enough for a "mini" album of a day in the life of a birthday girl!

I hope you enjoyed this little post.  Go make one for yourself!!!  They are addictive...you will see how addicted I am next week!


Saturday, March 4, 2017

The "Four Twist Pop Up Panel" Mini Album

Hi all!

First off, I want you to know that this is not my invention.  I found the most wonderful tutorial on YouTube and I tried it and it was AMAZING!

You can find the video here, 4 Twist Pop Up Panel Mini Album Tutorial.   It is by Sincerely Rita...and she has me hooked on this  type of project.    I also used the tutorial for her large card, and you can find that video here, Large Twist Pop Up Panel Card Tutorial.  I have made three different projects using this style of card, and I want to share my first one with you here.


 Of course I had to make a mini album!  I used the mini album tutorial, but used the large card tutorial, so my mini album is 6x6".  The paper line I used was by Bo Bunny, called "Modern Miss."  I loved the papers and embellishments, but had it for a while in my stash, until this perfect project came around.
 The book is covered by a belly band I created out of card stock, ribbon and some of the layered chip board stickers in the kit.
 Some of the pages incorporate the four panel pop up...  (Sorry, this picture is sideways!!!)
 ...and some have pockets for tags and what not.
There are also some large pull outs for the album so that more things can be added to the book.
 I had made the "Polaroid" shaped tags ages ago, and decided to use them in this book.
 I kept the pages simple so that the pictures I will add will be the focus of the page.

 I love this view master!!!
 The way the pages are attached created the pockets for the pull out cards.
 I can't wait to fill this up with fun times.
I hope you like this mini album, and I hope you stop on over to see her tutorials.

I have two more projects I made with this style of card...Stay tuned!